Maja Medić was born in 1979, in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.
Member of  The Association of Aplplied Arts and Designers of Serbia
Working on a regular basis with Film gallery at the Cultural Centre of Belgrade, 2016 - 2021.
Filological high school / Belgrade (SRB), 1998
Faculty of Dramatic Arts (Camera department) / Belgrade (SRB), 2007
Transmedia program, MA in Art, Media & Design, Sint Lukas Hogeschool / Brussels, (BE), 2010  
Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching (KMCC) Certification Training / 2024
CO-CREATOR & CREATIVE PRODUCER  of Non-aligned Newsreels project with Mila Turajlić
Archival Life of the non-aligned, KIC gallery, Zagreb / September 2023
Archieve Omnibus: Sketches for the Yugoslav Testeminoes About the Algerian Revolution, Museum od African Art, Belgrade, March 2023
59th Belgrade Biennale, Belgrade, November 2022
IDFA on stage event, Amsterdam, November 2022
12th Berlin Biennale of Contemporary Art, Berlin, June 2021

I Want You to Know
(writer, director, producer) / in development
Kafka in Belgrade (co-writer, producer) / in development
Non-Aligned: Scenes from the Labudović Reels (archive researcher) / 2022
Ciné-guerrillas: Scenes from the Labudović Reels (archive researcher) / 2022
Landscapes of Resistance (cinematographer of the archive footage) / 2021
Vietnam (cinematographer) / 2015
Documentary film about Manu Katché in Belgrade (cinematographer) / 2005
Making of Cordon (cinematographer & director) / 2002
Don Giovanni, short feature film (cinematographer) / 2009
Mirage Intro , International multi-medial project (photographer & cinematographer) / 2006
Maybe one day, short feature film (cinematographer) / 2006
I'll be there, short feature film (cinematographer) / 2005
Chèry, short feature film (cinematographer) / 2003
The Foxes, TV series (first cameraman) /2002
Nebojša Đukelić, author (Belgrade City Library) / 2022
Cinematographers in Serbian film, author (Film Centre Serbia) / 2021
50 Years of the Home for the Disabled Children "Sremčica", photo editor / 2019
70 Years of Yugoslav Film Archive, author (Yugoslav Film Archive) / 2019
The Best Serbian FIms od the 21st Century, photo editor (Film Centre Serbia) / 2019
Nebojša Glogovac, photo editor (Vulkan publishing & UDUS) / 2019
70 Years of Jugoslav Drama Theater, co-author (JDP) / 2018
Critical guide through the Serbian film 2001 -2017, photo editor  (Film Centre Serbia) / 2018
40 Years of the TV series “The Unpicked Strawberries”, co-author, (CCB & Vulkan publishing) / 2016
National Class - Feature Films of Goran Marković, author  (Film Centre Serbia) / 2016
Aleksandar Dolgij: Photographs, author (self-published) / 2015
Making of the movie Kaymak,
Cultural Center Leskovac / 2023
Making of the movie Father, Cultural Center Leskovac / 2020
Making of, Makina gallery, Pula, Croatia / 2020
Jadranka, UK Stari Grad, Belgrade / 2019
In the frame, Cultural Centre of Belgrade, DKC gallery, Belgrade / 2017
Images to remeber (us) by, with Milena Jokanović,  Cultural Centre of Belgrade, Serbia / 2016
Searching, Small ULUPUDS gallery, Belgrade, Serbia / 2013
Egypt,  with Nemanja Đorđević, gallery FLU, Belgrade, Serbia / 2012
First Shot, Café-gallery The Sound of Mu, Oslo, Norway / 2012
Europe – Life is somewhe else, gallery Magacin, Belgrade, Serbia / 2011
The Diary of female portraits, 1st Women's Film Festival, Belgrade, Serbia / 2009
Rendez-vous, Baz'art Festival, La Rochelle, France / 2008
First shot, gallery Dom Omladine, Belgrade, Serbia /2007
Eight principals of work, gallery In movement, Belgrade, Serbia / 2005
People of film, with Marina Lesić, gallery Cirkus, SKC, Belgrade, Serbia / 2004
Exhibition of photographs, Cafe Dublin, Belgrade, Serbia / 2001
Portraits Without Faces, curated exhibition, PHGallery21, Budapest, Hungary / 2020
The Art of Seeing, curated by Klavdij Sluban,Cultural Centre Belgrade / 2018
Courageous women travel trough time II, Pro3or gallery, Belgrade / 2018
 Images to remember (them) by, Pro3or gallery, Belgrade  / 2018
Courageous women travel trough time, Integration workshop, Belgrade / 2017
Workshop with Klavdij Sluban at the French Institute in Serbia, Belgrade / 2017
Great Expectations (photo series) at the Museum of Arts and Crafts, Zagreb, Croatia / 2016
Great Expectations (photo series) at the International Rovinj Photodays Festival, Croatia / 2016
Lomography Exhibit, New Brunswick, Canada / 2014
I was in Kosovo, Pravo-ljudski filski festival, Sarajevo BiH / 2013
PhotoCITY 2013, Sveti Lovrec, Croatia / 2013
Art in the open space, Ada Ciganlija, Belgrade, Serbia / 2012
Rorschach, Rorschach…, Magacin gallery, Belgrade, Serbia / 2010
Dreaming of a point at which parallel lines converge, Brussels, Belgium / 2010
32. Zagreb salon, International Exhibition of Photography, Zagreb, Croatia / 2008
First Shot at Viennabienale, Vienna, Austria / 2008
Men in the eyes of women, Vizantija gallery, Belgrade / 2008
Art & Photography, BELEF, Belgrade / 2007
XII International exhibition of the miniature photography, gallery Studentski grad, Belgrade, Serbia / 2007
Unlimited photography, International photo art festival, Prilep, Macedonia / 2007
Exhibition of the photographs of the theatre costumes, Goethe Institute, Belgrade / 2006
Ego (Šk)Art:New edition!, exhibition of the shortlisted works for the Hugo Boss award, gallery Cvijeta Zuzorić, Belgrade / 2005
Exhibition of the film photographs, Academy of Drama Arts, Belgrade / 2004
Cinematographers to be, exhibition of the Kaleidoscope workshop, CZKD gallery, Belgrade / 2001
Cinematographers in Serbian film, Cultural Center of Belgrade / 2021
All That Jacks, Cultural Center Leskovac / 2021
40 Years anniversary of the film All That Jacks, Cultural Center of Belgrade / 2020
50 Years anniversary of the  Battle of Neretva film premiere, Cultural Center of Belgrade / 2019
Nebojša Glogovac, Cultural Center Čačak / 2019
Nebojša Glogovac, Cultural Center Trebinje / 2019
Nebojša Glogovac, Cultural Center Leskovac / 2019
Nebojša Glogovac, Cultural Center Belgrade / 2019
Milena, Cultural Center Leskovac / 2019
Milena, Open University of Subotica, European Film Festival Palić / 2018
Milena, Serbian Cultural Center in Istra, Pula FIlm Festival, Croatia / 2018
Nebojša Glogovac, Cultural center Pančevo / 2018
Images to remember (them) by, Pro3or gallery, Belgrade / 2018
Milena (about the actress Milena Dravić), DKC, Belgrade / 2017
40 Years anniversary of the TV series “The Unpicked Strawberries”, Cultural Center Leskovac / 2017
TRAINSPOTTING: So what you've been up to... for 20 years?, DKC, Belgrade / 2017
40 Years anniversary of the TV series “The Unpicked Strawberries”, DKC, Belgrade / 2016

Cineuropa Marketing Award  for documentary film in development I Want You To Know, East Meets West festival in Trieste / 2022
Second prize at the Woman in Focus competition, EU Delegation in Serbia and National Geographic / 2021
Grant of the Film Centre Serbia for the project deveopment of the documentary film I Want You To Know / 2021
Third prize for the collection of photographs Great Expectations, at the International Rovinj Photodays Festival / 2016
Grant from the Ministry of Culture of Serbia (for the exhibition Images to remember (us) by) / 2015
Commendation for photo series PhotoCITY 2013, Sveti Lovrec, Croatia / 2013
Grant from the Ministry of Culture of Serbia (for the project Reconstructing Femina) / 2012
Grant from the Ministry of  Culture of Serbia (for the exhibition Europe – Life is somewhere else) / 2010
Second prize for the collection of photographs Men in the eyes of the women, Photo Association of Serbia / 2008
Second prize at the International photo art festival / Unlimited photography, Prilep, Macedonia / 2007
Grant from Pro Helvetia, Swiss Cultural Program in the Western Balkans, for the project Reconstructing Femina  / 2007

DOCSerbia workshop,
March / 2024
EURODOC /Training program for producers of creative documentaries / 2023
CIRCLE - Women Doc Acceerator/Trainig program for female-identifying documentary filmmakers / 2021
CPH:LAB at CPH:DOX Festival, Copenhagen, March, 2021
Workshop Art of Seeing with Klavdij Sluban, Belgrade, Serbia / 2017
Workshop of documentary film, Magificent 7 Festival, Belgrade / 2015
Workshop with Pep Bonet (NOOR), DokuFest, Prizren, Kosovo / 2013
Residency In Egypt – project of the Serbian Ministry of Culture and embassy of Arab Republic of Egypt / 2011
39. Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie en Arles, France / 2008
Residency at the Makan House of Expression, Amman, Jordan / 2007
Master class – Art & Photography at BELEF, Belgrade, Serbia / 2007
Kaleidoscope, photographic workshop, Belgrade, Serbia / 2001
Film workshop at Academic Film Center, Belgrade, Serbia / 2000

Circle Fiction Orbit,
workshop / 2023
First Films First programme, workshops / 2016-2022
Why Did Mrs R go crazy?, theater play, Yugoslav Drama Theatre / 2018
Blackbird, theater play, Radionica Integracije, Belgrade / 2017
Social Innovation Forum , conference, Belgrade / 2016-2017
Magnificent 7, film festival, Sava Centar, Belgrade / 2017
REZ Festival, Dom Omladine, Belgrade / 2014-2017
Worked for British Council Serbia, Belgrade / 2014–2016
The Shortest Day, film festival, Belgrade / 2013-2015 
Balkan Film Connection program, workshop, Belgrade / 2014-2015 
Romeo & Juliet, theatre play, Radionica Integracije, Belgrade / 2015
Worked part-time for SENSA magazine, Belgrade / 2013 – 2015 
Author of six book covers for the the publishing house Geopoetika, Belgrade / 2008 
In collaboration with NGO Felicitas travelled to India. Photos were published  in the magazine VREME, Belgrade and in the calendar for 2006 by Homeworkers Worldwide, UK / 2005 
Forever Hold Your Peace, Ivan Marinović
Dwelling Among Gods, directed by Vuk Ršumović
Liberta, directed by Gvozden Đurić
How I Learned To Fly by Radivoje Andrić
Kaymak, directed by Milcho Manchevski
The Writing Box, directed by Tijana Mamula 
As Far As I Can Walk, directed by Stefan Arsenijević
Father, directed by Srdan Golubović
Asymmetry, directed by Maša Nešković
Women of the People's Front Hospital, directed by Ivana Todorović
The Black Pin, direcetd by Ivan Marinović
My Beautiful Country, directed by Michaela Kezele
Circles, directed by Srdan Golubović
The Trap, directed by Srdan Golubović
The Rockets, directed by Vladimir Mančić
Coordinator of the cinema screenings of the documetary film The Other Side of Everythig by Mila Turajlić, in Serbia /  2017 - 2018
Coordinator of the photo workshop and exhibition with Klavdij Sluban, Belgrade / 2017 - 2018
Organiser of the event 40 Years anniversary of the TV series “The Unpicked Strawberries”, Cultural Centre Belgrade / 2016
Workhops by Kreativistika / 2104 - 2016
Photo workshops / 2012 - 2016


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