This exhibition is dedicated to the memory of my first photography teacher  Aleksandar Dolgij (1931 - 2009).
- Maja Medić

 'Maja is mostly interested in people in different circumstances and moods and masterly captures the inner world of the person in front of the camera, without taking away the soul, as it is often the case in different kinds of visual art - many authors "suck out" the life out of their characters and ambiances in which they are and they freeze it on the hard disc memory of their instrument - movie or still camera (and now rarely on film).   In Maja's photos, the souls of the people who are photographed are somehow ethereal and present in the photographs, and yet again, free. The quality is in the artistic and originally applied documentary approach which is honest and not manipulative.'  
from the introductory text by Čarna Radoičić   

Exhibition was part of the 1st Belgrade Women's film  festival,  april 2009