In the seven photographs you can see the sights which, at the first glance, seem as if they could have been shot anywhere, but it is not so.  I wished to avoid showing Egypt through its famous heritage, so I left it, literally, behind my back and turned to, what is usually considered not interesting, but it is the Egypt of today. The old, Russian, mechanical camera Чајка  and the film cross process, gives kind of dreamlike look, to the shots. The result is the display of an unexsisitng world, deeply rooted in its antient past, captured in the present moment, consantly sliping away from us, like everything we know about Egypt. Contributing to that effect is the form they are presented in. By illuminating them, the nostaliga for the old photographig approach is awakened and it makes a subtile paralel to the fact that Egypt today lives and breathes its rich, but long gone past.